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August 31, 2011 / dickbert

Preview to Amazon’s New Website Design and Layout has revealed its new website layout to a selective group of test users. While the body remains more or less the same the designers have given the header a new coat of paint. The most conspicuous characteristics of the new Amazon design is the white and clean design. The background of the blue, horizontal search bar has been replaced with a white background that has a shade effect. The smaller navigation on top of that has been minimized by content from 9 to 4 elements (Today’s Deals, Gift Cards, Help and 1 Promotion offer).

New Designamazon new design layout

Old old design layout

I like the new design very much because the main navigation has a clearer separation and outlines 5 navigation points: browse, search, account, cart, whish list. It’s easier to navigate to the world’s largest online store and to separate between header and body.

What’s your opinion about the new design from Amazon?


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  1. Theodore R. Smith / Mar 5 2012 4:41 pm

    I absolutely hate it.

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